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Fletcher Foundry, Hallsteads Close, Dove Holes, Buxton UK
Architectural Metalwork

Architectural Metalwork, Castings, Columns & Embellishments (and complete structures!) have been manufactured by Leander Architectural to suit a wide range of bespoke applications for decades.


We offer both turn-key and self-build projects, utilising our in-house foundry and well equipped expansive workshops. Over the decades, we’ve accumulated a vast number of casting patterns for architectural components. Many of these can easily be incorporated or adapted into canopies, verandahs and other structures. Adding a few cast components can turn a very ordinary metal structure into something much more attractive.

Architectural Metalwork, Castings & Embellishments

All our Architectural Castings Columns & Embellishments are normally made in a high-silicone cast aluminium alloy. The silicone content increases the tensile strength and corrosion resistance of the metal. Although our castings are usually Aluminium, we do occasionally produce them in other materials including Bronze and Iron by request. Often for larger heritage projects we will produce bespoke iron brackets and columns – including for Network Rail Listed station refurbishments.


Leander’s engineers and designers work in partnership with clients, contractors, architects and planners to produce bespoke solutions that suit most budgets and specifications.

In-house CAD design facility, foundry and specialist manufacturing services uniquely position Leander to efficiently deliver truly unique products that are built to last.

Products are manufactured in-house in the company’s expansive workshop, using high-quality materials including aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and iron.

The completion of many bandstand and canopy projects over the years has enabled Leander to develop a wide range of designs and casting patterns based on originals by famous Victorian / Edwardian foundries such as Walter McFarlane and Elmbank Foundry Co. With constantly replenished casting stock and efficient designs Leander can offer the fastest possible turnaround, from specification to delivery.

To discuss your project requirements or to arrange a site visit please get in touch!
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