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Fletcher Foundry, Hallsteads Close, Dove Holes, Buxton UK
Custom aluminium cast plaques & signs

Although the circular cast aluminium (an equivalent to cast iron) blue plaque is the most common format, Leander makes signs and plaques in many different shapes; Circular, square, rectangular and any number of bespoke shapes. These can incorporate logos, badges and coats of arms in addition to text.

With a great depth of historic knowledge and huge casting patterns archive, Leander is uniquely positioned to offer restoration or recreation and manufacture of a wide range of traditional and contemporary signage - both wall- and post-mounted.


Leander offers a range of standard typefaces and can create any other typeface required, including hand-drawn ones. Text in any language can be produced, including Arabic, Gaelic, Spanish and different versions of Japanese. There is no restriction on colours - any from the BS, RAL, Dulux or Pantone ranges can be matched.

From the first enquiry, Leander will help with design, choice of materials, colours, languages, grammar and fixings. Every plaque produced is first drawn to scale giving the customer the opportunity to request changes or simply approve the layout.

The range of signage and materials is suitable for almost any environment – from seaside promenades, railway stations, nature reserves right through to company offices.

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