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Blue Plaque

Blue plaques, cast aluminium grave markers and memorial plaques have been manufactured by Leander Architectural for over 140 years. As a leading blue plaque manufacturer, we’re long established experts who are more than happy to assist you with your design, best choice of materials and installation.


Every week, we help civic societies, history groups, charities, undertakers and local authorities design their blue or commemorative plaques – plus many individuals who need advice on how best to commemorate people and places.

Where should a blue plaque be installed? A blue plaque should be installed in a readable location on the wall of a building to commemorate a historic event, notable person, or provide building information


From the first enquiry, Leander will help with design, choice of materials, colours, languages, grammar and fixings. Every plaque or sign produced, is first drawn to scale giving the customer the opportunity to request changes or simply approve the layout.


The range of signage and materials is suitable for almost any environment – from seaside promenades, railway stations, nature reserves right through to company offices.


Over the years, many aspects of the work have changed with the advent of computer design, laser etching, waterjet cutting, but old crafts such as hand-carving in clay and manual lettering are still practised every day. The company’s dedicated team will work with clients to produce designs that comply with current regulations.

The Blue Plaque Scheme

Founded in 1866 London’s Blue Plaque Scheme is the oldest scheme of its kind in the world. It erected the first two plaques in 1867. The first commemorating the poet Lord Byron and the second commemorating Napoleon III in Westminster. Blue plaques have played an important role in the history of the conservation movement ever since. English Heritage took over the London scheme in 1986 and has run it along similar lines to its predecessors ever since.


The first plaque it erected, in that year, commemorated the painter Oskar Kokoschka at Eyre Court on Finchley Road. Since then English Heritage has erected over 360 plaques, bringing the total across London to more than 900. A Blue Plaques Panel advises on the selection of individuals and brings a range of expertise to each case.


Due to the scheme’s success, it has spurred on the development of similar schemes across London and around the UK – all of whom have adopted their own style families. If you’d like to commemorate an important event, individual or location please contact us to discuss your plaque ideas.

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