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Boundary and Welcome Signs

Welcome signs can include relief images of the location itself or of a key element of its history. Whilst a few villages manage to design and make their own signs, most need help and advice, which Leander is able to provide. Villages, towns and cities are more identity-conscious than ever – with many rapidly becoming marketable brands in their own right! Few things establish an identity better than well-designed ‘Welcome’ signs. They can include relief images of the place itself or of a key element of the town’s history. They can include flowers, trees, churches – in fact almost anything!

New signs are often part of a new corporate image and renewed efforts to stimulate tourism and economic development. Towns have to compete with neighbours for tourists, shoppers and casual visitors, and signs need to be distinctive and eye-catching. The signs can be cast in metal, carved in wood, forged in iron or cut into stone.

National Parks, AONBs, country parks and World Heritage sites also need their identities and boundaries established. We have worked with many of these organisations for over 50 years and we always happy to advise on practicalities and costs.

Unusual projects are our speciality!

We are also able to produce Village Green (and similar) signs on substantial posts. Please contact us with your requirements – we are pleased to undertake bespoke work and one-offs are our speciality!

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